5 Essential Elements For 宿霧語�?學校

For the 1st two reactions it really is calculated as (Efus-Ech)/Efus. For the final two reactions, in which this calculation would give zero, the values quoted are tough estimates determined by side reactions that develop neutrons inside a plasma in thermal equilibrium. keV Strength, a course of action known as Bremsstrahlung.|If a star contained just 5% of fusible hydrogen, it might suffice to elucidate how stars bought their Power. (We now know that almost all 'standard' stars comprise far more than 5% hydrogen)|As an Strength supply, the process is the only fusion energy program that can be shown to work utilizing current know-how. However it might also demand a massive, ongoing source of nuclear bombs, making the economics of such a method fairly questionable.|Investigation into producing managed thermonuclear fusion for civil applications began in earnest within the 1950s, and it carries on to at the present time.|The sole other acknowledged plausible supply of Strength was conversion of subject to Electricity; Einstein experienced demonstrated some yrs previously that a little volume of subject was akin to a great deal of Strength.|履約 履约 [lu:three yue1] /to help keep an guarantee/to maintain an appointment/to honor an arrangement/to observe economy/}

Workable styles to get a toroidal reactor that theoretically will deliver 10 periods additional fusion Strength than the amount required to warmth plasma on the essential temperatures are in advancement (see ITER).

?�古 ?�??[huai2 gu3] /to recall the earlier/to cherish the memory of previous occasions/to reminisce/nostalgic/

The response cross section ? is a evaluate on the likelihood of a fusion response to be a purpose in the relative velocity of The 2 reactant nuclei. When the reactants have a distribution of velocities, e.

In heavier stars, the CNO cycle and other processes are more critical. For a star takes advantage of up a considerable portion of its hydrogen, it commences to synthesize heavier elements. The heaviest elements check here are synthesized by fusion that occurs as a more significant star undergoes a violent supernova at the end of its existence, a approach often called supernova nucleosynthesis.

The last column may be the neutronicity with the response, the portion from the fusion Vitality here introduced as neutrons. This is a vital indicator with the magnitude of the issues associated with neutrons get more info like radiation harm, biological shielding, distant dealing with, and protection.

�?�?��?�力,老大徒傷??少壮不努?�,?�大徒伤??[shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4 , lao3 da4 check here tu2 shang1 bei1] /If you're lazy inside your 宿霧語言學校 key, You will be sorry within your old age/

???�不如從????��不如从命 [gong1 jing4 bu4 ru2 cong2 ming4] /deference is not any substitute for obedience (idiom): to abide by sb's precepts is definitely the sincerest method of regard/

?�樣 ?�样 [guai4 yang4] /odd expression/humorous looks/queer facial area/to grimace/to offer sb funny looks/to drag faces/}

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